Asphalt Pavement Repair

When is it time to repair your asphalt?  If you’re seeing deep cracks or potholes, it’s probably already past time! Call West Palm Beach’s ABC Precise Asphalt Maintenance, Inc. for a free quote on repairing those asphalt cracks and potholes and making your paved surface look new again. From minor repairs such as cold patching and sealcoating to overlays, we’ve got your asphalt covered.

Small cracks will turn into large cracks if not repaired.
While well designed and well maintained asphalt surfaces can last 20 years or more, repairs before that time may be required for many reasons.  Drainage, the quality and condition of the base layer, extreme weather or usage, and the quality of the asphalt used, are just a few of the reasons your asphalt didn’t reach maximum lifespan.  At ABC Precise Asphalt Maintenance, we’ll explain your options and tailor a repair solution that fits your needs and your budget.

As concrete sidewalk and curbing contractors, we’re also fully qualified to design, install and repair sidewalks and curbs.


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