Asphalt Sealer And Sealcoating

When you call ABC Precise Asphalt Maintenance, Inc. in West Palm Beach for sealcoating, you are calling the professionals.  Our company started out providing this service over 50 years ago in the Ft. Lauderdale area and we know it better than most.  Our unique coal tar emulsion sealcoat formulation, combined with our years of experience, means your blacktop will be sealed right the first time with a high quality, long lasting asphalt sealer.

When it’s time for maintenance on your parking lot, call the pros at ABC Precise Asphalt Maintenance, Inc.,  Besides sealcoating asphalt, we design and install new parking lots, asphalt courts of all kinds, curbs and sidewalks, pavement marking, and more.

Not only does our blacktop sealer extend the life of your pavement, it beautifies it, as well.
Properly maintain your pavement and keep it looking its best by having asphalt sealer applied to it every two to three years. 

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